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ARCH ULTRA / ARCH ULTRA: Final Act is a game set in a near-future dystopia. The development of the game started on December 19th 2017 at 07:33.


Being a victim of the ARCH ULTRA, a secret governmental project, Paul has lost all his memories about himself. Saved by a man named Lucien, he gets involved into a political conflict against his will. He must work for a rebel group who oppose the Architech government in exchange for protection against The Party. Being very lost, he works with a girl named Rosia as he attempts to recall the memories that he lost and learn more about the world that surround him.

ARCH ULTRA is a visual novel set in fantastic cyberpunk dystopia, in a world inhabited by humans, elves and vampires. In a world where democracy is going to abolished in a democratic way, the Helliosians considers themselves as the people who can think critically. Will they manage to convince the public before it is too late?



  • The demo was published and approved on Oniromancie on 2018-10-22.
  • The demo was published on Rpgmakernet and Gamejolt on 2018-10-23.
  • The final game was uploaded and published on Rpgmakernet on 2019-11-02.
  • The final game was uploaded and published on Itch.io on 2019-11-02.
  • The final game was published on Oniromancie on 2019-11-02.
  • The final game was added on Gamejolt on 2019-11-04.
  • The game was released on plicy.net on 2020-05-30.

Additional Information

  • The game was registered in the 2019 session of the Alex d'or contest on 2019-01-07, it was notably the second game registered.
  • The game was nominated for the following categories in the 2020 session of the Alex d'or:
      • Story and universe
      • Narration and story execution
      • Best graphics
      • Best Sounds
      • Best game
  • The game won Best graphic award.


The game track anonymous data about player choice if the player's machine is connected to Internet.


The game was titled Another Dimension while in development.

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Characthers: Paul, Rosia, Lucien, The Imperator, Kewey, Sophia, Ashi, Marcus, Adam, Jules Jovklai, Librarian, Maggia, Hell Ravens Henchmen, Xenos, Aleister Payne, Richier Scarleit, Shady guy, Bill Rwright, Stephen Rwright, Mark Rwright, Pauline Grehad

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