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The Architechian Administration is the unofficial denomination given to the current governement in Upirkly. This is mostly due to the president Bill Rwright being also the CEO of Architech.


This administration is best known for idealizing environmentally-friendly policies. They managed to outlaw non-electric car in Upirkly and made the country rely on nuclear and hydroelectric power. The administration is also praised for its reform of the Upirkly Police Departement, making the switch to the non-lethal weapon named Neutralizer. Many see Bill Rwright as the absolute best governement on Dymunia.


The Scarleit Experiment

After Architech's rise, the compagny scientific branches received an increase in budget. A scientific conducted unethical experiment on Rosia Scarleit, attempting to find a cure for Sanguinee. She however managed to escape and said cientific got fired once Bill Rwright found out.

ARCH ULTRA project and Simultra