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Myrkri is the first game part of the Dymunia serie. It mainly revolve around vampires on Glacidae and their plans to invade the human world, Kyriah.


Have you ever wondered if vampires were truly evil? If not, what led the humans to believe so? What truly defines an evil being?

This story is about the vampires which are on the brink of extinction because they ran out of prey to hunt. With this alarming situation, Lord Veirydar is transforming the last blood into Havyralchemical energy to create a portal to a world inhabited by beings called humans. Once the day comes, Lord Veirydar will send his troops of vampires on a mass hunt for new prey. However, a rebellious group called the Mykri oppose the Lord's plan. They think humans deserve to live, even if they are inferior. Princess Vanesca, the daughter of Ranphese II, the prevous ruler, has chosen to oppose and side with group. An opportunity to murder Lord Veirydar will arise but will they succeed?

And blood will flow...


Release history

The game was originally released on November 1 2016 on Gamejolt; The original aim was to be released for Halloween but due to time constraints, the game was delayed for 1 day. In January 2018 the game devloper replayed the game and noticed several bugs and glitches, wich would warrant a game re-release later on. The game was reworked in February 2018 and the game was accepted on Onironmancie game collection on March 6 2018. On March 15th 2018, the game was also released on RPG Maker Net.

Devlopement history

The main goal of the game was to make an RTP-styled game but with improved graphic and visual effects. The game made use of pictures to display "shaders" such as the night and light effects. The battle system was partially changed to show the heroes charset. Most f the battle animations were done through eventing to do the animation on the charsets. During the rework of the game, shaders were added during battles with a script.