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Dymunia (also called Dymunia – Final Act) is the central game in the Dymunia game series. The game is an interactive visual novel taking place in a classic medieval fantasy world. The development of the game started on December 7th 2016. The Prologue Demo was released on January 22th 2020. The final game was released in February 2021 on RMN.net, Itch.io and Gamejolt.


Stelyvan discovered a terrible curse on Elysys. In five days, the ancient magic will consume her soul. In this limited time, Stelyvan and his allies must travel the world of Dymunia in search of the knowledge to remove her curse. Will you succeed? Her fate is in your hands.

Within the spiral of time, there is only death.

Development History

See the page Dymunia/Development History



The music used in the game was composed by Adrian von Ziegler and the Fiechters Brothers. The soundtrack of the game can be found in this YouTube playlist:


Bandcamp pages:

Adrian von Ziegler: https://adrianvonziegler.bandcamp.com/

Fiechters Brothers: https://dbfiechter.bandcamp.com/

Additional Information

Dymunia navbox icon.pngDymuniaDymunia navbox icon.png
Characters: Stelyvan, Elysys, Lucien, Aiden Rwright, Ralgarth, Rukiro, Elliau, Sarah, Adrian, Zed, Grindevlad, Nymeran, Herus, Lord Gareth, Madara, Pravos, Hellios, The Architect

Locations: Upirkly, Tower of the Magi, Dilwys, Sharid, Vailar, Ralgarth's Academy, Old Castle, Helliosian Cathedral, Helliosian Cathedral, Nohorth Citadel

Events: The Great Incertitude, The Last War, The Seventh Ritual, Red Winter

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