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Princess Elysys is the secondary protagonist of the game Dymunia. She has been put into a sleep by a magical curse and Stelyvan must find a way to cure her.

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Characters: Stelyvan, Elysys, Lucien, Aiden Rwright, Ralgarth, Rukiro, Elliau, Sarah, Adrian, Zed, Grindevlad, Nymeran, Herus, Lord Gareth, Madara, Pravos, Hellios, The Architect

Locations: Upirkly, Tower of the Magi, Dilwys, Sharid, Vailar, Ralgarth's Academy, Old Castle, Helliosian Cathedral, Helliosian Cathedral, Nohorth Citadel

Events: The Great Incertitude, The Last War, The Seventh Ritual, Red Winter

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