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Rukiro is the father of Elysys and is an elf (in Dymunia). He is the one who defeated Grindevlad.



In Kyriah he was an human and a vulgar miner. Shortly before the Human-vampire war, he discovered a divine stone during an excavation and gained knowledge of the concept of Magic by touching it. This led the humans to discover magic and win the war against the vampires by creating a magical barrier to trap them.


In Dymunia, he was incarned as an elf, he gained a royal status when he married Arawynys. He was a powerful user of Delrith magic, he led the elven-vampire army against the vampire fascist Grindevlad and defeated him during the 50th Ire of Pnyre. 20 years laters, he and his wife gives birth to Elysys.