Timeline of events


  • Lucien supossedly betrays Grindevlad before The Last War.
  • Hellios substitue Elysys for a magical construct.
  • The Seventh Ritual happens.
  • Aiden Rwright obtains the Scroll of Rwright.
  • He uses it to nulligy Lucien's magic
  • The Red Winterhappens.
  • Lucien try to negociates with Aiden
  • Aiden wrongfully interpret that Lucien is will massacre Nohorth citizen for Animic energy.


  • Architech rediscover magic through scientific means
  • Paul, an artificial mortals is created by Architech to create memories.
  • Architect arrest most members of the Conclave in a crackdown on corruption.
  • Paul and Rosia joins the HIA and are manipulated by Lucien to create memories of the truth (being that the Convclave orchestrated the abolition of democracy)
  • Bill Rwright touches the Codex of the Architect, gaining the knowledge to use the ring.
  • While Paul uses Simultra, his memories and dumped and diffused to every Simultra user.
  • Unlike what Bill Rwright anticipated, the world see him as a hero and worthy of being president for life; democracy is ultimately abolished.
  • Bill uses the ring to purge the world of the "unworthy" (people in favor of the abolition) while he is emotionally instable.
  • Lucien attempt to transfer his memories into Rosia as an attempt to escape his curse; he does not suceed but Rosia still end up with his memories.
  • Rosia become mentally instable due the amount of data her brain received; she ultimately commits suicide.
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